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Paradigm's Promise

Experience on the Field
Paradigm Janitorial Service has been providing beyond satisfactory cleaning solutions to clients all over the bay area for longer then 10 years. We have employees that are experienced janitors. We have support services of all kinds and we use our "four performances" to provide the best cleaning solution possible.

Efficient use of Newest Equipments and Chemicals
We use the newest janitorial equipments and chemicals. All janitorial materials are used as efficiently as possible. No wasting products, which results in lower equipment costs, which in the end result in a lower service price for our valued clients.

Our employees are all professionals that love there jobs. Our employees working as a team and enjoy what they do, while maintaining professionalism.

Satisfying the Client
We dedicate our selves to provide quality service to our client's each and every day. Paradigm Janitorial Service is a direct janitorial company, unlike other companies we don't sell our contract to other janitorial companies. We are in it for the long haul. Our main goal is to satisfy our clients by maintaining our performance wether it is in commercial cleaning or we are shining your home as part of our residential service, day 1 or 5th year of service. We make it so that there is one less thing you have to worry about.