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Need your carpets cleaned?
You have come to the right company. With 15 years of experience, over the years we have learned what it takes to thoroughly clean your carpet without damaging it!
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Professional Carpet Cleaning
Carpets are big investments for both home and commercial buyers. But throughout time they absorb all the debris, soil and dust from the air and this is a major reason your carpet gets damaged. Here at Paradigm Janitorial Service we will give your carpet the cleaning it needs. Our method of carpet cleaning is a deep steam cleaning. We offer our carpet cleaning service all over the Bay Area and surrounding cities. Commercial steam cleaning is an important aspect of keeping your indoor air quality good as well as maintaining your carpets. 

window cleaner In addition, carpets that are cleaned less often require more and stronger chemicals than do carpets that are regularly maintained. Using the wrong products or excess amounts of chemicals can easily damage carpets. Some may even be harmful to the janitor and people that occupy the facility.

There are many Bay Area carpet cleaning service providers and we will show you why Paradigm is the carpet cleaning company for you.

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