Cleaning Retail Clothing Stores

Working with large national clothing retailers, we find that these accounts take careful consideration in determining how long each daily cleaning will take. There are numerous aspects of the cleaning specifications to consider when doing a walk through of a retail shop. While it can look fairly straight forward and simple, it is not.

First items to consider are the amount of windows and mirrors inside the store. Depending upon the foot traffic for the area windows and mirrors can get dirty or touched on a daily basis. This will require that you touch up each mirror/window on every visit. So take careful consideration of how much surface area needs cleaning.

The second item to consider is the type of clientele the store caters to. The client gives you an idea of the level of expectation from the business managers. Some store managers will expect every display area to be dusted and wiped clean on every visit other stores might not require such detailed work.

More items to be considered will follow next week.

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