Janitorial Gloves – Nitrile, Vinyl, or Latex

Our crews make sure to always use personal protection equipment (PPE) and gloves are one of our most used PPE.

There are 3 common type of gloves. Latex, Nitrile, or Vinyl. For our cleaning crew we work with FDA approved medical grade nitrile gloves. These gloves are superior to vinyl and latex gloves for puncture resistance.

Other attributes of nitrile gloves are:

  • Are good for wearing an extended amount of time
  • Resist many chemicals
  • Latex-free
  • Have a high level of sensitivity
  • Mold to your hand for a great fit
  • Have a long shelf life
  • Most puncture resistant
  • Work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material
  • Are available in blue or black to help identify if the glove has been punctured

Here is a short video our vendor detailing their nitrile gloves.

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