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Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial officeOur commercial cleaning services are customized to fit each client's unique needs. We provide prompt, reliable and cost-effective janitorial and industrial cleaning services. We use safe, non-toxic cleaning products and powerful equipment to keep your workplace bright and clean. The cleaning staff is well trained, qualified professionals who are supervised on a regular basis to ensure customer satisfaction and excellent personal service. 

commercial officeYour facility will be assigned a regular team of uniformed employees who are trained on-site before the commencement of any services. Services can be set up to fit best your schedule. They can be performed daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. Paradigm Janitorial Services' staff can maintain building’s lobbies, entrances, employee break areas, conference rooms, restrooms, and office areas, leaving your building squeaky clean from tip to top.

We can provide service to varying businesses and provide each company with a plan that is right for their needs. No matter the size of your space, whether your facility is a warehouse or a shopping mall, we are prepared to provide detailed cleaning. We will ensure that you have the 100 percent satisfaction you deserve. 

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