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Office Cleaning Services

For our office clients, we offer reliable, after-hours service at a fair price.

window cleaner We get the job done consistently while also being cost efficient. With our after-hours service, we work behind the scenes so we aren't in anyway bothersome to your employees. Office cleaning may be simple, but we think we have perfected the service.

Custom Service
Every office is different and we understand that. Our service is always custom tailored to your needs!

Want us to pick up dishes?
Want us to pick up soda cans and coffee cups?
Want us to wipe clean each employees desktop?
Want the planters watered?
Want the T.V screens wiped?

We can do all of the above or only some of the above. It is all up to you.

window cleaner Reliable Service
But the number one reason you should contract Paradigm for your office cleaning needs is reliability. We pride our selves in being there every day for our customers. There is nothing worst than you having to come in to an office that didn't receive service or was under cleaned. Our team is of dedicated cleaners and staff are completely committed to making sure that you can rely on us.

Let us show you the difference a reliable cleaning team can mean for your office!

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